Out of Your Reach

Out of Your Reach_01

As a young kid, I’ve always wanted a Little Tikes Cozy Coupe.  That way, I could just be like mommy and daddy and “drive around”, coolest thing ever.  Mommy and daddy bought me tons of toys, which I am very thankful for, however, they never did buy me a Cozy Coupe.  haha, and really, there was nothing I could have done about that.

Years later, although I may be able to drive a real car now, I still want a Cozy Coupe.  With a Cozy Coupe, I could “drive” in my backyard, I could “drive” on the sidewalk!  You definitely can’t do that with a real car!  And now, I could probably buy one for myself if I REALLY wanted to…  The only problem….  is being able to fit in one….

Perhaps I will never get a Cozy Coupe, but I think that is a beautiful thing.  Just like all things in life, there are multiple sides:  good days and bad days, tasty food and yucky food, strengths and weaknesses, things I can get and things I can’t get.  It helps us appreciate the good that we have in our life, the things that we do have.  The Cozy Coupe is out of my reach?  I am okay with that.  =)



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