Roommate Problems

P on the Bottle_01

or…..  well in this case…  solutions?  hahaha, I love this story.  I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard in my life.  I also laugh every single time I think about this incident.  There were many awkward moments afterwards when I would open the fridge door, see the “P” bottle and start laughing to myself….  =_=

She was in a different room saying this while we were in another room, and we obviously did not hear her correctly.  When she came out and showed us the bottle, it all made sense, but it didn’t stop anyone from thinking it was funny.  I guess this is one of my favourite memories because it was something so silly, but yet, we were able to laugh together!  This is what I think friendship is all about, going through both bad times and good times together!


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