A Brand New You

A Brand New You_01We’ve all probably watched movies or TV shows where a character somehow switches with someone else and ends up in their body.  It usually doesn’t turn out to be as great as they imagined, and they want to go back to being themselves.  Seeing how I like to play it safe….  I’m going to stick with being me, I mean, why take the risk?  haha, just kidding.  But seriously, I would stick with being me.  Of course there are things that I want to do better, of course there are things that I want, however, I think that is part of life.  We can’t get everything, but it’s the fact that we can’t get everything that makes what we already have so precious to us.  It also drives us to keep improving ourselves, to continue to achieve what we consider to be ideal.  In that process, we gain things, we gain new experiences and we develop relationships, which shapes who we are today.

To be someone else would result in me losing what I already own, the experiences that I’ve had and the precious relationships that I have.  I don’t know if I am prepared to trade all those valuable things to be someone else.  Besides, when we look at other people, we often see all the “good things” that they have, all the things that they are good at, we sometimes forget that they have struggles, they go through challenges too.  I’m not certain I have the capabilities to accomplish what they have.  hahaha, what happens if I “mess up” being that other person?  Therefore, I am going to stick with what I think I’m good at, I’m going to be me!

Happy New Year everyone!



My Number One

My Number One_01

It is very hard to pick one single person that I cherish, as I love and am thankful for a lot of people!  I always feel so blessed for knowing and getting the chance to constantly meet so many amazing people!  Thank you for all your love!

“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.  It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.”  – Nelson Mandela