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I love Supernatural so much!  ❤  If you like horror, action, adventure, fantasy as well as humor, and if you haven’t already, you need to watch Supernatural!  It honestly is one of my favorite shows of all time!


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Review: The Lego Movie

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The Lego Movie was definitely surprisingly good!  When I first saw the trailer in the theaters, my friend had suggested that we watch it, my immediate reaction was “no…  how good can a movie about Lego be?”  Well, now I know.

In a sentence, the Lego Movie is about Emmet, an ordinary construction worker who tries to save the world from the evil Lord Businessman using Kragle to freeze the Lego universe.

The Lego Movie really lived up to its name, the story and the characters truly felt like it was a big playroom filled with Lego.  You truly get immersed in the Lego world.  I loved the mash-up of the characters, such as having the Batman Lego character being included.  It’s exactly how I used to play with my toys, I’d have dolls and figurines come together from different worlds and they would join together in my play story.

The story was entertaining throughout.  There were so many jokes and a lot of action that kept me laughing and interested.  With that said, I felt that the story was not entirely predictable, which is surprising for this type of movie.  Emmet, as a character, is one that the audience can relate to.  There are times where we feel that we are ordinary, where we are afraid to step beyond what we are comfortable with.  Following Emmet on his journey of self-discovery and saving the world will allow us to reflect on our own lives.

I watched The Lego Movie in 3D, however, I’m not sure it was a must.  I’m pretty sure I would have enjoyed the movie just as much even if it wasn’t in 3D.

In conclusion, although it is not my favorite movie of all time, the Lego Movie is definitely a good movie.  It was cleverly put together and full of fun for the whole family!  If you liked the Toy Story series, you will most likely like The Lego Movie as well!

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